Does anyone know how to use Kinect as a Webcam?

I looked around and could not find out how.

nah, but I would love to find out how too. Anybody know?

You can’t but you can use a Vision Cam as one.

What have you tried? Did you try just plugging it in? Worked for my vision camera, just installed the drivers itself.

Send me the drivers.

I suggest you check these out before I have to send you drivers:

Someone wants to do a nude web cam vid.

I’m sure it could be done, I’d have a look but don’t have a sensor.

Kinect for Windows SDK Download - Microsoft Research

I highly doubt that’s what he’s planning to do with it.

I get this.

That’s what I’d do :smirk:

If they can make a f*cking robot out of one, you could definitely use it as a webcam lol.

Figure it out brah.

Can you send me the regsvr32 in system32 please.

What is that?

idk it says I need that in My system32.

It’s an exe. :confused:

EDIT: What I get when I execute it: