Does anyone know if 4K movies have been ripped yet?

I have a 4k tv and i know the samsung 4k bluray player came out about a month or so ago, and was curious to know if anyone has been able to rip the content off one of the 4k movies like the kingsman or the martian?

From what I can see on IPTs, movie quality ranges from 480p - 1080p BluRay. If this is what the specs are currently, I doubt it will be long until we see 4K quality.

2160p is what ipt categorizes 4k as.

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I didn’t know that?! Thanks for the info.

@aden34 - I guess it’s a case of waiting for someone to upload the movies you are after in that quality then, unless someone has done so already.

Give it a couple more years possibly more and we’ll start seeing 4k rips of movies.

I can imaging 4k movies being heavy on the bandwidth.

Yeah. Some of the 4k rips that are out right now are over 30 GB. I’ve seen some come close to 100 GB.