Does Limited Edition Content Transfer Over?

I had bought the Limited Edition version when it was released last year. Does any of that transfer over, and if so, how do I access it?

Yes, it does transfer over. It should be accessible upon loading in.

I don’t remember if I had to buy the extra garages in single player, or if I already owned them. For some reason I dont think my content transferred.

You had to buy them I think.

Hopefully the Collector Edition content transfers even though I license transferred it from a friend!
…I love my Hotknife!

Yeah, I got mine from a DNS code back in December. I hope mine transfers too!

Everyone gets it I think me and my friends have it and we never bought it.

Lol, I got my stuff the same way. And yes it transfers over. Hotknife looks sick with the neon underglow.

It won’t if you license transferred from a friend. When you license transfer, you transfer the console license. And seeing as you are going to a new console, Xbox one, you won’t have it. At least you shouldn’t

Every car but the Roosevelt is unlocked on the X1 version of GtaV even if you didn’t buy the dlc cars on the 360.

all the content you have will transfer over and be unlocked in gta:Online…BUT

the bad news is that it wont all be unlocked at the start, they unlock through story mode, the dukes o death wont be avilible untill you find it at the LSC garage in sandy shores then you can buy it from the in game store.

the railgun unlocks near the end of the story mode which is super gay but you can get it any time you want by going to the gun range, select bonus, pick railgun, start the challenge…shoot the ground to kill yourself and you have the railgun untill you need more ammo then do what i just said again.

Thank you!

was referring to GTA: Online rather than GTA:V Story-mode