Does Steam cloud detect hack game content? (single player game only and not a VAC protected game)

I want to know if I backup game file on steam cloud, will it detect anything unusual and ban my steam account?
I am playing single player game with no multiplayer or online involve.
Should I disable steam cloud and use offline mode?


You already asked this question twice already.
No if you play single player games only NO.
If you mod your stats then go online yes you do have a chance to be banned
We all have been playing with steam accounts for couple years and no body has been banned as of yet
No body cares how you play your single player games
Mr. Presice has over 4,000 games amd level 270
I have 1480 games and level 200. , last thing we would want is to lose our accounts and we play every day !

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sorry for spam question, I just want to make sure. Thanks for the reply.

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Yeah no issue with that.