App Horizon

Does the Achievement Unlocker have a feature to update “Last played date” for your games?

Le Fluffie has this feature, was wondering if Horizon Diamond did as well.

The Horizon Achievement Unlocker will tell me the last played date of a game, but I don’t see any option to update it to the current date. And I don’t own the game either, as they were added with the game adder many years ago. The reason I’m asking is because some games will say i last played on July 28 for an example, yet the last online achievement I unlocked was July 29. I used Le Fluffie to fix this issue but would prefer to use Horizon if I can.

Off topic, but I didn’t click the “verify” and “fix” button once I was finished in Le Fluffie. Is this “verify and fix” feature something that protects me from Xbox LIVE enforcement? Or just to help keep my account from getting corrupted? Thanks for the read.