Donation option for perks and recognition?

Hi I’m new here, but I am grateful for the program you have created. I was wondering if you might come out with a donators package for a bit of perks and reconigtion(forum badge, etc) to help support your great program. Personally I wouldnt sign up for monthly or yearly memebership, but I would willingly donate around 20$ CDN to support the great work you’ve been doing. While there are many that do not condone “cheating”, i am one that supports the idea of offline advantages in programs purchased. At the same time I would love to contribute a sum of around 20$CDN to you, to show my appreciation for access to this type of software, which often makes my purchases much more worthwhile, and ease of use for this type of program is second to none. However, I am not comfortable with the current pricing at this time and I would be grateful for a new mid-level pricing for this software. I would expect it to award a useable amount of points to use towards voting, and compound over each purchase to award repeat buyers and reward yourselves, the hardworking programmers with a small but, feasible contribution to your efforts.

Anyways, I’m a super rookie, but your program is truly state of the art in terms of ease of access and functionality, I wish you a long and prosperous career in providing these types of services now and in the future. In the meantime, help me contribute to the cause by providing a one-time(repeatable) donation option of around 20$ CDN that provides some perks overall, for your cause. As said before, I am not comfortable with either a monthly, or yearly subscription, but recognize the obvious effort going into this program and would be willing to contribute a one-time payment of around 20$ CDN to support the developers. for a bit of perks overall.

A truly grateful Noob thanks you.

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You can always use it for free if you think the price currently is too high ^^
EDIT: good idea though.
@frank you should read this :stuck_out_tongue:

The perks for “donating” are pro, pro badge, 10k points once, and 2x points everyday. If you want absolutely nothing in return then you can donate however much you want. If we start giving out WP, badges, ect. for donating then it is just Pro again and you aren’t really donating if you are getting something in return for it.

Why aren’t you comfortable subscribing to a monthly subscription? It is 2 clicks to cancel and it can be done immediately after subbing. When you say mid-level are you talking about something like a 3-6 month subscription?

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Totally agree with Chris.

Since we already got a service, why not buying it if you want to give something to this site :slight_smile:


You can donate to this paypal -

No perks though, you will have to talk to frank/zach for that. If you want regular perks and advantages of Pro whilst donating 20CAD, get Pro for a few months?

Perhaps suggest what you think would be better plans if you aren’t pleased with the current ones? I believe a lot of thought has gone into current plans to make it convenient for the user and at the same time help us cover costs but i am sure the admin team would like any suggestions you might have to improve it.


I guess really, I was more just asking for a bunch of links to click on in the account section to bring me through the donation process without manually going into paypal and sending a donation. Not really anything to do with being dissatisfied with anything, the perks and recognition are probably entirely irrelevant in the long run. In anycase, was just a random thought I had when using your software and being pleased with the results and ease of use.

I’m pretty sure the last guy could have just walked away without joining the conversation, after all he contributed nothing, was not kind and criticized the person, not the idea. But then, maybe thats one of the perks of subscription? Not having to follow community guidelines?

This conversation have been taken up over the years a lot.
What normally happens is one of two things.

Either they buy our product since thats the way to support the site and the community.

Or they donate privately if they really insisted of donating…
There will not be a big donate button on the site. I highly doubt that.

And about Sykotik, dont mind him. He think you are a troll in the way you are behaving.

What?!? I just saw his post and i agree it’s unneeded but what has his post to do with Pro and its perks? Where have you seen Pro members not following community guidelines? Please don’t dis this community making snarky comments like this. Also goes for @Sykotik, chill out…i am sure you can explain yourself without being a proper a$shole.

I am locking this thread as your question has been adequately answered, the email for donation provided if you wish to do that or however you wish to proceed.

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His reply was uncalled for.

Thank you for the suggestion! We have discussed adding different tiers to allow alternative contribution amounts. We’re not sure if or when we will add them though.

At this time however you’re free to donate, there just won’t be any added perks.

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