Don't expect San Fierro or Las Venturas in GTA 5 Bigfoot confirmed too

Rockstar has officially announced that Grand Theft Auto V is in ‘full development’. Which is a good job, because otherwise all that fuss yesterday over the debut trailer would seem a bit silly. Rockstar North is once again in charge of putting all the graphics and the physics and all the other clever stuff that is assembled during what is known in the business as ‘the development process’.
The announcement confirms that the game takes place in Los Santos and surrounding areas, likening the location to a ‘re-imagined, present day Southern California’. Reading between the geographical lines of that last bit, we think we can now safely say that the whole of San Andreas won’t feature. That means no San Fierro or Las Venturas.

 But having three cities would just be greedy. Rockstar is  already calling GTA V the 'largest and most ambitious game' it has ever  created. Perhaps Rockstar will have to move to bigger offices. Either  way, there's no question that the newest Grand Theft Auto won't be  absolutely huge. And in terms of scenic diversity, we've already seen  countryside, mountains, beaches and various areas of the city. That's  more than enough. Right kids?

Oh, the announcement also confirms online multiplayer. So that’s good.
We can also sort of reveal that BIGFOOT IS CONFIRMED!!! for GTA V. Check out our ‘12 things we can learn from the trailer’ article for more information.

GTA V: Los Santos confirmed. Multiplayer confirmed. But don’t expect San Fierro or Las Venturas , Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox 360 News | GamesRadar

Thanks for this, I can’t wait!

bigfoot? BIGFOOT? this has san andreas written all over it.

Lol yep

i think we should hunt for bigfoot who’s with me :smiley:

They’re probably trolling about bigfoot.


that’s rockstar all over. they have loads of these in the trailer lol.

Thats dope, hahaha.

Rockstars license plates all say San Andreas on them.

BITFOOT! ****K YESSSS! This is gta sa with better graphics then! :smiley:

I always use to think bigfoot was in the old games. Now he is!