Don't understand it will ban me or not (Outriders)(Steam)

Your Outriders account will be permanently marked as a cheater by using these cheats! Once that happens, you will only be able to play with other cheaters.

The first part I understand, because is a co-op game, So it will 100% get ban
but I don’t understand is the second part

Be sure to launch the game using the Play button. Do not launch it from Steam first. The game will show an error when loading, which may safely be ignored!

is this meaning that when I press the ‘play’ button in WeMod, you will not get ban
you will get ban anyway, just use ‘play’ button in WeMod for easy login the game

You must press play in WeMod as anticheat bypass is performed when the game launches; however, this is why you will be marked a cheater. You will not be banned from the game, only marked a cheater.

What it means is that you will only be able to play with cheaters after activating this cheats.

You can only play with other users who have cheated.