Doom 2016 mods not working

The Doom 2016 mods dont work because their out of date. The last update was in 2018. Anyone know what version of Doom I need to downgrade to make it work again?

Are you using the correct graphics api?

Yeah. Its common knowledge that Doom doesnt work with WeMod anymore.

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All mods still work if you use OpenGL.

I’ve been having the same issue, or so I thought. Everyone saying that the mods work only with OpenGL doesn’t help when you are still getting killed by the first three possessed.

The mods are working, but I found that you do not benefit from any mods until after the initial encounter with the three possessed and dawning the Praetor armor. Only AND ONLY THEN do the mods become active.

This was frustrating to work out, as you would expect the mods to be active right from the start when taking control of Doomguy.

Hope this helps you out.