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DOOM Eternal Cheats and Trainer for Steam

nothing works for me

It should you have the store bought steam version?
If you do Start game first then when in game alt tab out then press play in wemod after

so I have to run the steam version first not run it through the wemod launcher?

No, it works fine by running it through WeMod. Do you the game through Steam or Bethesda launcher?

steam also the infinite health shield ammo and all did not work they just turned off as soon as I enabled them when I ran the game first then hit play in wemod the trainer worked it did not work when I ran the game through wemod

To fix the preator suit token bug after the Fortress of Doom prison objective (Mission 2 after you get back to the Fortress):
Go to the mission selection screen and go into a level.
Use the decrease point function from wemod Shift+F9 until you are at 0 points.
Press escape and go back to the campaign, which reloads you into the Fortress of Doom.
Press escape again and restart the mission.
It should reload you onto the Fortress of Doom before receiving the ice grenade and should proceed smoothly afterwards.
Best of luck!
Thank you WeMod and MrAntiFun!


Thanks for the quick trainer man quality work as always. I noticed that there wasn’t any options for infinite energy on a certain late game weapon is that planned for a later date?

cheats dont work, they toggle on and toggle themselves off. running on steam if that makes a difference

The game got a small patch yesterday. Link (click). Not sure why it works for some and not others, though. Do you get any error messages?

Try launching the game first then alt+tabbing to press Play in WeMod.

There is a glitch that can occur if you run all cheats at the end of mission 2 while in doom ship, making it unable to continue

Unlimited lives doesn’t work. Tested on multiple diffculties and games.

Spoiler: Is it possible to make crucible energy infinite instead of having to pick up energy all the time? I know chainsaw fuel works with the infinite ammo cheat, and the crucible sword is kinda similar in the sense that you have 3 pips of fuel.


Yes, would also like infinite energy for that too please!

Give this users post a look

This version does not work with Bethesda version downloaded through their launcher.

It works with the steam version.

Anyone know if using these cheats in single player affects Battlemode? Bans, data checks, anything like that?

It shouldn’t if you use It for singleplayer only.

Is there no unlimited energy for the Crucible sword?

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cheats don’t work after today’s patch

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