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DOOM Eternal Cheats and Trainer for Steam

We are working on this trainer :slightly_smiling_face: We know it broke after today’s update, sit tight and give us a little time :+1:


Hurry UP! (Just Kidding, I know you guys are doing your best and it’s ALWAYS appreciated!) :slight_smile:

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the bloody icon of sin is a pain in the butt on UV XD

definitely not true. I’m mostly playing without any cheats except for unlimited jumps (and some more when I do the slayer gates) but the game collects event xp normally. I’m currently rank 3 and have done 5/8 challenges.

Somehow the “one hit kill” cheat won’t stay on. All the other work perfectly fine so far (didn’t use any of the stat cheats yet but every player and enemy cheat I’ve got no complain).

Nvm…for some weird reason it wasnt racking but now it is…

@MrAntiFun Is just a wizard and has us all fooled :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like the sentinel batteries cheat isnt working. Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for letting us know its still being worked on. As a noobish question, is there any way to tell how the bethesda launcher might differ from the steam version? checking the comments has me thinking the collectors edition I ordered might be oddly different as another user posted a week ago

bethesda version worked fine until 3 days ago when the game was patched - since then not a single cheat works - thus if someone says cheats work now prolly runs them on pirated copy

We are aware of this thank you. See this post above:

Also, this trainer is designed specifically for the Steam version, there’s no guarantee it will work flawlessly with the Bethesda launcher version when it has been updated.


Thanks man these are the best. I was wondering if you could make a battle-mode version too?

No. We dont make trainers for online / multiplayer here at wemod. All trainers are are for singleplayer use
Even if it works online we dont intentionally make them to

Just curious on the ETA of the update could we see it this weekend or next week? Keep up the good work and stay safe!

We don’t give ETAs on trainers, I’m afraid. There are too many factors that can affect it.

If you haven’t already - grab some freebies from here while you wait:

Stay safe yourself too! :slight_smile:

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I gotchu, Thanks for the link didn’t know about that.

i’m using the bethesda one and all of them work perfectly fine unless a different program crashes them every one thing open is crashed

i use official bethesda one and they dont work for me, god mode wont even activate. but im pretty sure this is the same for steam since that patch few days ago and anybody claiming everything works fine right now for them screams ARRRR!!! every few glory kills :wink:

theres a few peeps running day 1 or pirated probably. ill try again in a bit, but when the update rolled out the game would auto crash for me. sucked since i had to wait a whole week on the delivery of collectors edition

like the one i can tell if it working is the unlimited jump and health and Armour do not work fast you kinda have to wait for it

Would love to have the crucible energy added into the infinate ammo cheat please!

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