Doritos Crash Course Modded GPD!

All times are set to 00:000:001
Just replace your gpd with this one then rehash & resign

To sync the times u have to complete each course in what ever time as long as u finish
You cant chicken out or it won’t sync*

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lolwut? Already this is modded? That’s pretty cool… I was looking at the leaderboards on Black Ops they almost all said XMB. I wonder if we wll advertise XMB on these leaderboards now :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend made XMB psycO and i made XMB jake but i never synced the times on it but i did on my Undetectable account

Your gamertag is Undetectabie

Ok, TomT9001 <3

This didn’t work for me… It corrupted my profile every time and I tried it 4 times. :anguished:

Your doing it wrong then cause it worked for me.

u have to right click on the gpd in ur profile then replace it with this 1 then rehash and resign

ive seen a few people do it already on the leaderboards so ur doing something wrong

I’m on there.

XMB Veteran Mod

:frowning: Well I open my profile in Modio. Replace the .gpd with Jake’s then rehash and resign and put it back on my memory stick. :expressionless:

what do you mean by sync the times and complete each corse?

Works I’m using it now, o DeFiNeD x ahaa ;D

the times wont sync right away, if u want them to be on the leaderboards then u have to complete each level

thanks ill get on it in a few ! =]

Thank you for this! gonna try it now , hope it works :smiley:

i see u on it lol

Whudda gaymertag…


hahah wow im going to try this

If anyone wants to mod there own GPD you can download “Xbox 360 Tools” and use the Doritos Crash Course mod tool. You can unlock and change any of the times. You must beat the levels after you mod your gpd for your time to load up onto the leaderboards.

Download - Here

Go make your own thread about this kid.