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Dovahgolt: Custom Honeyside Manor [Major Mod] [Xbox 360] [DOWNLOAD]


This is just a thought but in the Mage section in the strong box adding a necklace that increases the magnitude of spells example [Destruction spells are % stronger, Illusion spells are % stronger, Restoration spells are % stronger, Alteration spells are % longer, Conjuration spells are % longer]


No its not and no one is putting an arrow to your head and saying use this mod, you ranters acts as if you have no free will if you dont wanna use the ore then go collect the stuff like i do sheesh.


^He’s saying that god saves where everything you could need is within 5m of your character are ridiculous and that they take away the fun and the point of the game. I’ve honestly got to agree with him.


Sweet!! Thank You for this most appreciated


This topic will always have different opinions personally i think its fun and i dont see nothing wrong with with it being this way :thumbsup:, if anyone really has issues with the save there’s tons of other saves that he and any other ranter can go play instead of dissing the creator on why he think what he’s doing is gay/wrong, nobody really cares about his opinion :stuck_out_tongue: , if we wanted to play the game legit we would of have not come to this site to download the save, just sayin.


I am not getting a iphone.


my point exactely… gd i get so freakin tired of all these legit play, dude bros strait edged club members constantly whining cause a handful of us prefer to play videogames in a different manner than they do, i’m sorry but we paid our hard earned money to purchase the game therefor its nobody elses business how one chooses to play it… most of them i’ve encountered are notorious hypocrites as well cause they have no beef with pc modding yet they get butt hurt beyond belief if someone’s modding on a console, whats the difference!? i’ll admit this particular save isn’t for me but a lot of others will thoroughly enjoy it and that doesn’t give anybody the right to troll them for it, some people just need to learn to either keep their opinions to themselfs or mind their own freakin business…


You obviously did not read what I said. I clearly said it could be used as a fun save. Please read before contradicting someone.


:expressionless: …>.<

I’m sorry and I know you put lots of time into thisbut it’s really pointless.

A housethat big will never be used by anyoneand most of the stuff you put in is to try and make it look cooler than it is. Like the stones, putting them in the house ruins the point of having them in game since you don’t need to find them in the wilderness. You literally crammed everything in game into one house and I don’t see a point in doing that. The best player homes are the small but unique ones. Not these massive mansions that the person is going to run around, say “this is cool” and never use it fully again.

Plus, adding 999 ingots and ores, plus all these potions and stuff at ridiculous numbers is also stupid. Why would I go out and find the ores properly when I have a huge supply just sitting there? Again, it defeats the purpose of the game as there is no goal anymore. I can see this being used as a ‘fun’ save but then again, why bother? You still won’t use it fully.

Apologies for the rant but I have to be honest with these sorts of things. Didn’t meant to thank that guy up there either.

Sorry, but this house is just too much for a game like Skyrim.

Now if i was a creator im pretty sure what you just said was pretty insulting :confused: oh and btw i use the house for more reasons then just grabbing stuff i use it for storing my dead thralls (u know in the nice pretty water like walkway), do you want to rant about that as well.


my point exactly bro


I have downloaded plenty of simple house saves that are not OP, just enhanced or new houses. I don’t like having god stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont see why your sticking out your tongue if anything all you did was just prove my point even more so?


I have to agree with Greatwhite on this, saves where you have everything stockpiled from the get-go like this, or have overly high or infinite skills/stats are just too overpowered and take away the fun. I honestly see them as saves for noobs who cannot play the game. Now I do admit I get modding done, but only ever to kit my character out in armor and weapons so I can enjoy playing the quests instead of spending 4hours just setting up the look of my character, also with skills and stats I get it modded within reason. I can die, my skills are low and I have to level up to get stronger instead of downloading one of these OP saves, putting on a single sword and running around naked while killing everything without harm to myself.


i will agree with you on one thing, running around 1 hit killing everything is indeed boring as hell, to me anyway… and i rarely use infinite health, instead i keep it enchanted on an item and only slap on that item when i’m trying to do a specific thing without worry of being thrown back cause i didn’t see a cheap arrow coming or something… however, not everyone thinks like me nor plays the game like me, same as not everyone enjoys playing like you, different people have different styles of gaming, for example- i absolutely detest online multiplayer, imo its boring, repetetive, and pointless… but i’d be willing to bet money that you on the other hand absolutely love it, as do so many others, am i right? see, different gamers = different opinions. what i’m trying to say is just because someone enjoys a different style of play than you doesn’t make them a “noob” “someone who can’t play, sucks at gaming, ect” it simply means they enjoy playing videogames in a way you do not, same as you enjoy gaming in a way they do not… just cause thats their thing doesn’t give anyone the right to insult them for it, same as your way of play doesn’t give anyone the right to insult you for it… see my point? gamers these days seem to take it way too seriously, remember that at the end of the day these are still just “videogames” there sole purpose is for entertainment.


Remember guys this thread is not for you to have your personal discussions and put out your over opinionated reasons for doing this or not doing that with Skyrim. Also the giant smears of run on sentences look mildly obnoxious.


I had difficulty getting that to work. Still trying to find a method to try to convert it to be pre-cc.


Can someone please mod this save for me,by modding the main story line to complete?


nice save! any chance on getting this in a god save too? all locations and evel 81 or default but with all skills with a 900+ modifier??


Thought I should comment on this. I appreciate you opinion but you and I are looking at this in a completely different way.

I myself use this house as my main and I assume that many others will as well. The main goal is to take the massive amount of content in Skyrim and place it into one convenient location.

  • The standing stones are meant to only be used once the player has found the location.
  • The “all items” chests are strictly there for displaying items that are unobtainable or removed at some point. Ex. The Golden Claw, The Dragonstone, etc.
  • The Library, which will be in the next update, will give the player a location to display ALL of the books in Skyrim.
  • The 999,999 of items are for those who do not wish to do the work. Some players may find this process of collecting tedious and would rather focus on questing. Not every player abuses this.
  • All the other rooms are built around displaying items.

I’ve played through Skyrim way too many times, and Oblivion even more, and every time I completed all the quests I felt empty. I collected all of these things and all I had to show for it was a few chests filled with items.

This allows players to obtain everything. However, certain players may choose to use this save differently.
As you noticed, nothing is forced on the player. This save allows for every type of player to use it however they please.

For players who have done the tedious work of collection TONS of crafting items, ingredients, gold, etc. this is a way for them to avoid this, only if they choose to do so. It also is an attempt to give console players some of the benefits PC players have (.God Mode., .Max Skills., “QASmoke Room Chests”)

Honestly, I initially make these things for myself. If I kept it to myself I would leave a lot out of it. But to me, I enjoy displaying everything I can… everything.

So thank you for your feedback but I would have to say that a majority of people will disagree with you, especially a community of modders.

[b]NOW, on a side note. I am almost done with the next update. Here are some of the main features.

  • Adding a +1,000,000 carry weight to .God Mode.
  • Adding a Library with the working bookcases originally in Honeyside
  • Moving all the working Mannequins and Weapons racks into the Armory
  • Adding the items missing from the “all items” chest and adding the new ingredients
  • Moving the Character Creation trigger into Dovahgolt[/b]


If you dont like the save dont download it. If you have a negative opinion about the save, keep it to yourself. I think you will quickly find that people here appreciate the hard work rooster put into this save far more than they appreciate your opinion towards it and your posts voicing said opinion.