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Dovahgolt: Custom Honeyside Manor [Major Mod] [Xbox 360] [DOWNLOAD]


You are welcome :slight_smile: what Ever you do do not Activate the Slow time shout, it lasts nearly 30 years in game time


Anyone have the IDs for the hidden door and the wall it fits in???



Still haven’t been able to find a solution for my problem; could someone please offer some wisdom?


What is your problem?


I downloaded the latest version of this mod, and transferred it using both Horizon and Modio, but when I try to load it, I get a message that says “This save cannot be loaded because it is outdated. Its version is 0, and the current version is 9”. I have all the DLC and Skyrim patches, and I have the most up-to-date version (as well as a couple of previous versions I’ve tried) of this mod. Thanks for responding; sorry I forgot to include my problem in my post though!


I can’t get it to work.
I download it and extract to Desktop and transfer to my external harddrive.
When I plug it in the xbox the saves doesn’t show up.
I don’t know what’s wrong… Anyone who possibly could help with this?

Edit; The saves are now fixed, but another problem has occured. I get this message “This save cannot be loaded because it is outdated. Its version is 0, and the current version is 9”


So it appears I’m not the only one having this problem…any chance of somebody being able to help out though?


Is there any secrets in this map? I found a few modded rings in a place that was obviously not supposed to be obvious to the normal user, I don’t know if it’s one out of a few other secrets or if it’s just some place where Rooster threw all his testing poopoo.
Also, can you get all shouts in Dovahgolt on the Dovahkiin save? The normal (Dovahkiin) save is awesome because you can toggle on/off god mode/all skills max/no shout cooldown/there’s a room with all the spell books/no boethiahs embrace (ebony mail shadow effect that kills everything and messes up quests) on your character, but there doesn’t seem to be an area to get all shouts.

Edit: I didn’t swear there, little kids even use it. I’ll replace it.


Okay, well, I finally figured out a way to get mine to work, and I figured I’d post it, since you seem to be having the same problem I did. What you need to do is move your Gamer Profile from your 360 to your flash drive. Then plug the drive into your computer, boot up Horizon, and drag the Dovahgolt save into the box so it opens. Click “Rehash and Resign”, then hit “save to device”. Then move your profile back onto your console, and then move the save. That should make it so the save is playable. Hope this helped you!



So I Downloaded The Save Horizon’d It On My Xbox, Started Playing. And Honestly

This Is The Most Amazing Thing I Ever Encountered…And Experienced On My Xbox Skyrim Lifespan.

I Can Activate God Mode From My Favorites List On 360 …This Is Incredible Rooster

I Didn’t Even Know These Mods Can Make It To The 360

Thanx 1,ooo,ooo Homie.


I Think This Save Deserves Its Own Discussion Board So We Can Discuss The Amazing Stuf We Are All Doing Within This Breakthrough Of A Xbox 360 Skyrim Experience …^_,^ …I Love The Pendant That Allows Us To So Faster Than Normal.


I have had a problem with my “Pendant of the Traveler”. As I have been going though the game I came to the point in the Dawnguard DLC that I became a vampire lord. Once I went through with the training that lord harkon gives you I could no longer use the pendant. I was very attached to it because it was nice to move that fast so if I could get some help that would be great


This is a known issue,but when you become a vampire you can no longer use the pendant of the traveler.
I know it sucks:(


great mod very well made lost of stuff it is a must try im using it now and have been using it for almost 6 months now


Just downloaded and added the mod earlier today. Works like a charm! By far one of the best mods out there for the Xbox


I’m having problems with starting the companions quest. Every time I try to train with Vilkas he turns black and says we don’t use magic here. Is there a way to turn that off?


Are you wearing equipment with enchantments on it? That could be the reason why.


I’m having some problems i downloaded the mod but whenever i am turned to a vampire and select the vampire lord ability it turns me back to human again, Help!!!


Do you take requests, i am so sorry but i have one


For some reason it wont download to my USB, I’m fairly new at modding so what am i missing? Do i need anything else to download this, im super confused