Download does not work NEW

click link, then downloads but cant open horizon-setup.exe ???

What specifically happens when you open Horizon?

Right click on the setup installer and click properties, look for the Unblock button and click it. That should fix your issue, but if not, delete that installer and re-download Horizon from the link below and see if that helps. Good luck.

Download Horizon:

Hi also been trying to download horizon but doesn’t work, came up with there was a virus, so deleted everything and run scan.
Then found this thread and downloaded the link in Steve’s thread but that doesn’t work either.
Any thoughts.

Make sure you have .NET framework installed download it here.

Does it install? Or are you unable to open it after installing?

Thanks but before I do all that can I just say I had an older version of horizon on my computer and that worked fine, installed this one from the horizon site which updated the old one, then it stopped working.

From the link above it installs but when you hit run nothing happens.

Disable your antivirus and/or firewall. Could be blocking it.

Thanks but tried that still not working, trying to find the older version I had that worked. Cheers anyway

Would you like me to Teamview you to see if I can fix it?

Or would you like me to mod a save for you since you cannot get it to work (non-diamond that is)

Had trouble downloading the program from the button on the Horizon home page. Signed in and made an account, checked forums, found this answer and your link here. I think it worked. Thanks for posting this!

Wooo been playing its insane got to round 21 took about an hour with one other guy since searching for a game is ****ed up atm.