Download Failed and Offline installer error

Hi. I just reformatted and reinstalled my Windows 10, and I am encountering the issue of Download Failed each time I try installing WeMod. Firstly when I try installing with the Web installer, it immediately says Download Failed, then when I click to download the offline installer I get the 2nd error related to XML on my Firefox (as per the picture). I searched the forum and tried the direct link to download the offline installer but 2nd error also appears. Please help.

This issue appears to be caused by an outdated DNS. Can you try flushing your DNS then trying again?

You can do so by opening a command prompt then typing ipconfig /flushdns and pressing enter.

Hi Chris. I tried that, even with my command prompt run as administrator, no luck. Same thing appears.

Can you try this link

I am facing the same issue as well so i went to discord and got a working offline installer link from the moderators.

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Im having the same issue none of the other links worked im on windows 11

Hi Chris, your direct link to the file version 7.1.23 produces the same error.

Hi doggod1211, your link works, even though its 1 minor version older. Thanks!