[Download] ScottishUrban's Modded Skyrim Gamesave

One of the best modded gamesaves for Skyrim is now available to download.

What it includes:

  • Level 41

  • Male Imperial

  • Main Quest Finished, Lots still to do

  • 10,000 Health

  • 10,081 Stanima

  • 10,051 Magika

  • Most Armour ingame (Legendary)

  • Most Weapons ingame (Legendary)

  • 10k All Skills

  • Carry Weight 10,500

  • All Spells Ingame

  • All Shouts Ingame

  • All Developer Spells & Shouts

  • Most Houses Ingame & Upgraded

  • One Hit One Kill on Several Weapons

  • Most Items Ingame + Quest items without Quest’s started

  • Hircine Ring / Timer Support

  • 1 Million Daedric Arrows

  • And More

.RAR Pass: subscribergift

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thanks will give it a try

Kinda makes you wonder how his mod tool is going? The weapon names were probably done on computer.

all the spells is just done by doing psb… so nothing to epic there, also be careful with the spells as many developer spells freeze/crash your game. but other than that the custom weapons is pretty cool

Already posted…twice.