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Download wont start HELP!

I cant get wemod to download, it just wont even start to download NOT even an error pops up it just does NOTHING it acts like all im doing is refreshing the browser page

I use Windows 10 PRO, and Norton Security system, but I disabled Norton’s smart firewall and auto protect and it didn’t work

Probably need to whitelist wemod exe’ s. This is the same for Norton too

Then try this one

yes, well that’s all VERY fascinating and interesting but UTTERLY useless for me as u don’t seem to understand I NEVER had the program before!!

so all those steps while fascinating, detailed, and likely really useful in other situations, are utterly useless as I never had its files in my system before EVER

Try completely turning Norton off and try downloading from the link ptondo posted. If it works then you will need to add this folder (C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\WeMod) to any applicable module of Norton for it to work properly.

Let us know :slightly_smiling_face:

still worthless advice N4m3, I COMPLETELY shut down Norton AND the onboard windows security systems download still wont even bother activating still acts like all im asking for is a page refresh

Do you have Comcast for your internet?

comcast, for chumps I say; I use Midcontinent cable or MidCo; besides I may have my own theory, Im just too damned tired and lazy to do it now

well, that didn’t work, full systems scan and didn’t turn up diddly squat for any possible problem