Downloading Games with Horizon

I feel as if this topic needs to be addressed since a lot of “newbie” members always ask the question.

New members (You if you are new or old members who still don’t know the fundamentals of Horizon yet) may ask the question, “How do I download games to play for free with Horizon?”

Simple answer to the question, you can’t! You can only do this with a xk3y, flashed xbox, RGHed Xbox, or a JTagged Xbox.

Another way to download and play games is through DRM (which there isn’t a lot of it out there).

Thanks to Steve Wonda for the xK3y and DRM information.

Thank god!

You can if it’s DRM free, there’s not much of it but it’s out there.
Add Xk3y to your list n i c k.

Updated it with this information, thanks!