Dr.Pepper Code Generator

This is over guys, only lasted a week, sorry.

omg thats not fair, i want one for cocacola !

what is this for?

So how do I use this :smile:

Updated, sorry for the unclearness.

Cheers, worked perfectly.

Edit - I can only get it to work once then I get errors on the redeem page

would use it… but i have to wait till christmas to get my BF3

Yeah, you may have to wait before entering a new one. I made a new account and redeemed more successfully.

yeah can you make one for Mycokerewards?

sweet i got me skate3 skater pack, only worked once though : (

That would be crazy, imagine what I can win with that.

Make a new account.

Ikr i would get like 15 xboxs then sell them all on ebay :laughing: and then $$profit$$

Dr. Pepper site is extremely buggy or just slow. Damn. I wanted those avatar items.

Sweet man thanks

It’s not working for me, can somebody get me a code for the bf 3 tee boys?

Thanks mate for sharing! < 3

Worked like a charm, got all Dr.Pepper Dog Tags and the Avatar Stuff :smiley:

Doesn’t work anymore:’(

that work just did it