Dragon age 2 Mod tool

Mods Money and stats


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Who is vino? Because the originator of this tool is cybersam from 360haven.

Source: http://www.360haven.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1594&p=8131#page=1

Dragon Age 2 Mod Tool - Se7enSins Forums

Lmao, obviously that kid is an idiot look at his post time now look at the version 1 timestamp of the tool when it was first posted:

360Haven - Forums

Either they’re the same person or he’s taking credits for a tool he did not make.

Edit: Even more proof he updated his OP today @ 2:00 PM briefly an hour ago, the version 2 of the tool which he included was released yesterday, rest my case bro damn seven kids.

I knew something was up when I saw the same exact porgram that Cybersam posted a few DAYS ago


I just completely embarrassed that kid, no self-respect. ( I’m VisualEvolution, lulz )

anyone know another one that modifies exp?? having everything maxed is great but unless diff level cant add all the good stuff to it. Or does anyone know where to hex or look?

Get the latest Dragon Age 2 mod tool updates here:

360Haven - Forums

that requires me to sign up for like a tenth forum

ive got that it doesnt do exp only money and attributes

Don’t double post dude just edit, and uh there’s new updates if you would read my post… They’ve added much more.

well I just used it 4 hours ago so if it changed since then ok but otherise im at square one ill check

Dude thank you I take it back you are the man, what is the highest level I think part one was 30

Looking for the latest DA2 as well, it looks like the current editor crashes after you go into the ‘deep roads’, since it doesn’t have the data after the progress of the return. the dev is aware and is working on an update as available.

Thought i’d mention this incase other people are having trouble modding after this point.

Sorry for late response, max level is 50.

The latest update includes many more edits just download it and edit your EXP not your level.

So if I adjust exp level I should level?? cause right now my exp says 0/37000 and stays that way during any battle I gain no exp and there for cant level add abilities its veryy frustrating. The equip thing is very complicated does anyone really understand it. Doest say like superior dagger in pull down, is there some place that has id codes u can replace your equipment??

When i download This from the megaupload it doesnt open on my computer. any guess why?

ok just beat the game without mods. now i try to mod it and my save game is corrupt? anyone know why? i used the tool linked in the beginning of this thread

Thanks for this baby :smile:

I know this post was awhile ago but Vino said to talk to CyberSam to some of the members asking for help or whatever or if they wanted something added to talk to CyberSam. He’s not taking credit for the tool, jussayin.