Dragon Age Origins Editor

This is an editor for DAO
Download and use :smiley:
Dragon Age: Origins Toolset - Big Download

Did you make? Whats it edit, what is involved in compressing or decompressing the saves?

awesome been looking for one.

I did not make and what you can do is create custom content :sunglasses:

This works. Just tried it.

Is this for the 360?

i cant download this file. anyone pls kindly give me the link again?cos the link u gived is expired

pls kindly inform me to my email plz. deziron2@hotmail.com

Don’t bump old threads.


What I’m asking is probably a longshot, but you wouldn’t happen to have the save editor files still? I’ve tried your link(I know it’s 4 years old) and am always redirected to endgadget.com. If you do, could you possibly upload them to something similar to mega.nz and shoot me a link? If not, thanks for at least looking at my reply.