Dragon Age Origins save editor (request)

any chance well see a save editor for dragon age origins on horizon?

id like to be able to be a Warrior, Rogue, and Mage on the same character and Stuff

Highly unlikely
And. Its impossible to be all classes at the same time

I would like max gold and stats mods for this game? Armor mods?

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Ill tell you the same
You most likely won’t see them

I know it you cannot buy modded save today, for these consoles the best console mod days are gone with the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 and GameShark and CodeBreaker.

Oh my god HORIZON worked!!! I have infinite handgun ammo in resident evil code veronica HD I am stunned as I have not been able to mod because of GameShark and Code Braker was gone :slight_smile:

Add fall out 3 and fall out new vegas and dragon age origins to diamond and the account upgrade will be a go for me :slight_smile: better than just 1 game :slight_smile:

Yeah they won’t add anything to Horizon anymore