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Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam


My game is through Origins, so maybe that’s the reason why all the cheats don’t work properly? The only cheats that work for me is Unlimited Health, Unlimited Mana, and Add Attribute / Skill / Talent points. Everything else don’t work. For example, Instant Cooldown and Unlimited Items would turn itself off right away, and Add Gold does not do anything.

I really hope you could fix this soon.


Has Anyone else had a problem with the cheats being activated, and when you get knocked down, either by shield bash or another ability that causes your character or allies to go flying, causing your character to freeze? Being stuck? Nothing works ,not even remove spell I have to reload every time and I’m not sure what causes it. The Cheats I have activated when this happens, Are. Unli. Health, Unli, Party Health, Unli Mana, Insntant CoolDown, and unli, Rouge Stealth, Anyone have any clue why it does this?


@SmithingGod I’m having the same problem, I think it is the unlimited rogue stealth that causes it to not stop.

I also have a problem getting the leveling command and the perk commands to work.


I too can not get cheats to work. I am playing DA Origins Ultimate edition from Steam.
After it was installed, Infinity found the game automatically.
I used Play in Infinity Menu to start DA Origins.
Game launches but not one single cheat works ! ???
Just as other games I launch via Infinity and the cheats work for them, But alas not DA Origins Ultimate Edition.

Appreciate help please


Feel lucky for I cant get one cheat to work at all.
Playing through Origin has nothing to do with it, ‘I think’, as I am playing via Steam and have nothing working.


last night the only cheats that worked were health party health and mana. now none of them are working and it keeps crashing my game.


Could use some updating as some of the cheats don’t work. The ones that I’ve tried and don’t work are:
*Unlimited Party Health
*Unlimited Items
*Add 5K Gold
*Instant Cooldown

The ones that I’m using that work perfectly are:
*Unlimited Health
*Add 5 Attribute Points
*Add 5 Skill Points
*Add 5 Talent Points

I am playing the Origin Version.


I’m using the same version the only difference is my Unlimited party health is working but yours and mine are the same i was hoping someone had figured out how to fix it.


The Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Client does not work at all. Always displays error saying cannot locate game file.


Im fairly certain this MOD isnt working at all. Is there a chance it will be fixed? or should I give up on it?


Dont know why it wont work was updated like only 2 months ago game has never had an update


It works just fine,I’m not sure why you all are having issues to be honest unless you are attaching it to the wrong .exe, I personally mapped mine to the DAOriginsLauncher and its working more or less correctly,you may want to make sure your antivirus isn’t blocking it either.
The only known bugs I’ve been able to find is the Unlimited Rogue stealth also causes any OTHER effects to last forever as well even if you toggle it off,that includes stuns,frost,etc meaning you can get stuck in place forever unless you die and then are revived…assuming you can even hit the affected target.
The other bug I’ve experienced is an unusual loading screen where the word “Loading” is all that appears on the screen without the usual background image. This only seems to occur in Orzaamar,specifically when you enter or exit the Arena thing,and doesn’t actually effect gameplay other than seeming to load a little slower for those two screens.


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Can you please add specialisation points i cheat added my level so i didn’t get any and now i have a character without specialisation


i have played it with all of the mods working but the one problem that i have is that when i have he mods on when i get stunned it was never vanish and the character that has been stunned is stuck there until i have one of the other characters reach the next area or start a cut scene


same I also have that problem :frowning_face:


Does the add 5k money cheat work for anyone?


it does for me


So, this probably won’t get addressed given how long its been but the Unlimited Health option for both the Party and the Player work fine with the exception of if they incur a status effect such as from Dirty Fighting, or a Stun of any kind the condition stays on. The only way to fix this is to reload a previous save as it completely shuts down the ability to move. I also took a look around the stats because super high stats does have a tendency to break the game and I noticed that Dexterity was at 1000 or higher. 99 is the maximum you can achieve and by all means trainers are meant to break the game but this breaks it too much and I suspect this might be lending itself to that issue. This has happened consistently. At first I thought it might be the no cooldown, but nope. It’s the health. Which unfortunately WILL detract from the value of those trying to play. So, unless you have super high stun resist I suggest that the Inf Health ones do not be used at earlier levels. In addition the add a level only has one appreciable function. It does nothing to the character beyond doing just that, it has merit for getting your allies and friends above level 23 to level 24 but in the base game including the PC version without hacks the highest level you could achieve was 25. It does NOT allow you to gain experience past this point given the NaN for the value. If the adding a level function were to function like adding a complete level as opposed to just changing the value it might have individual value but I suspect that is what the add 1k xp is for as that pretty alleviates the issues of that code. Long story short;

Inf HP : If Stunned ; Perma Stuns and you HAVE to reload
Gain a Level : Has no merit beyond getting allies past level 23 and 24 but subsequently bugs the leveling process further by not allowing experience to be earned at level 24 to reach level 25.(Which should be the max, not 24.)
Give 1k xp : Solves the problems that occur with Gain a Level, but again bugs out at the same spot not allowing any experience gain to reach level 25 as the value stays at NaN.

Another issue that came up albeit minor and is more annoying then anything else. Inf Items gives you a stack of items yes. When you sell them, they sell 1 at a time even if all of them are selected. In addition to this, things like the Blood Dragon Armor which I initially noticed it on gains a stack of 99 when you equip it. In addition to this Dalish Armor gained the Indestructible trait which means you cannot drag it out of your inventory to remove it and you have to sell it 1 at a time even though the it sais it is selling a stack. One major problem that occurs because of this is, if any 1 merchant has more then a set amount of items, the game either will not load, becomes corrupt and therefore unusable, or will load and the game crashes immediately after.

So…these might appear minor but the last one can be very very problematic, especially when your only option is to sell them. All in all, it is a good trainer for what does work and I appreciate the effort that has gone into it but this needs be fixed.

Post Edit : Correction about the Inf Health, it appears it is the Unlimited Rogue Stealth that is causing the issue for stun locking the character.


Either the game crashes when loading or the cheats stop working as if the game never launched.