DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT Cheats and Trainer for Steam

1/15/23 none of the cheats are working plzz fix asap just got new dlc and ready to play it

This is true of the new DLC version? They all work for you but those 3??

I saw that Fling updated the trainer on his own website where you can download it. However its not added to Wemod yet, so I guess that will happen soon.

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Yeah - everything but those three in particular work for me.

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Thank you!

The DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Ki cheat added
  • Max Tension Gauge cheat added
  • Unlimited Surge Effect Duration cheat added
  • Max Teammate Support Gauge cheat added
  • Teammate Support Skills Instant Cooldown cheat added
  • Max Combo cheat added
  • Unlimited Oxygen cheat added
  • Unlimited Food Buff Duration cheat added
  • Stealth Mode/No Random Encounter cheat added
  • Edit Zeni cheat added
  • Edit D Medals cheat added
  • Edit Z Orbs (All Types) cheat added
  • Z Orbs Multiplier cheat added
  • Items Don't Decrease cheat added
  • Obtain All Recovery Items cheat added
  • Obtain All Cooking Items cheat added
  • Obtain All Materials cheat added
  • Obtain All Gifts cheat added
  • Unlimited Exp cheat added
  • Exp Multiplier cheat added
  • Max Friendship cheat added
  • Freeze Racing Timer cheat added
  • Unlimited Vehicle Battery cheat added
  • One Hit Stun cheat added
  • Super Damage/One-Hit Kills cheat added
  • Damage Multiplier cheat added
  • One Hit Destroy Enemy Base cheat added
  • One-Hit Kills Large Dinosaurs cheat added
  • Easy Unlock Skills cheat added
  • Set Game Speed cheat added
  • Updated notes

Thanks a TON for the update. I found an interesting bug, but not one that’s really important enough to dig into.

If you have the “Items don’t decrease” cheat active, you cannot pick up Dragon Balls from the ground. Disabling the cheat, going to the title menu, and then re-entering the game fixes this issue - but if you turn the cheat back on afterwards, the bug returns.

Not game breaking, but a neat little bug I figured I’d share for awareness. It IS fixable for us, so it is not a major problem.

Found a second bug, but it can be fixed exactly the same way as the bug I reported before - but this time, I have NO idea what connects to it. But it IS connected thematically with the Dragon Balls.

Having cheats on made it so that after I revived Raditz, Nappa, et cetera would be un-interactable. They appear as expected, and approaching them they have their mission icon and their speech bubbles. However, attempts to begin the interaction do not happen - similar to how the Item Reduction cheat prevented me from picking up the dragon balls when I found them.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out which cheat is somehow interacting in a way that makes speaking to revived enemies impossible, but fixing it is exactly the same. Turn off cheats, go to Title Menu, enter back into the game and the bug disappears until you reactivate the cheats and re-triggers the bug.

Weird stuff heheh

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update please

the new DLC has been released, plz update this trainer

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Please update this as the D medals, Z orbs multiplier, “Obtain All ____”, Unl Oxygen, all do not work. The D medals, Zeni and Z orbs also would be cool to be in the form of an unlimited (999999999) rather than setting the value. thank you

The DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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I am having trouble with the obtain recovery items, material and gifts. I would go to the items screen and exit but nothing would happen. Even value don’t change under WeMod, it will stay on 0.

try to make sure your WeMod is updated. It should be working properly where using the hotkeys will set a value and refreshing the items menu will make the items appear

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Could you by any chance update update the inventory to include the new item ID’s

Iam unable to add all items, food or otherwise to my save. D medals editor also doesn’t work…

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