Dragonball: Xenoverse ★ "Intro Cutscene w/Gameplay" [1080p 60fps]

Thanks for sharing, I’ve heard good things about this game and was interested in seeing some gameplay!

I’m uploading more right now! All I’ve seen on youtube is the japan version! I’m really loving the game tho

I’ve read that this game has at least 47x playable characters with a ton of stuff to complete and so if one was a huge Dragonball Z than I could understand why!

…I’m glad it seems to be a good DBZ game because I’ve seen games in the past that just seem average; the last DBZ game I played was Budokai 1/2/3 on the Playstation 2.

Love that series, and this game just brings that back. I’m not sure if this was in the other games, but in this one you can hover under your opponent and shoot a kamehameha straight “UP” and not diagonal into the sky just like in the TV series.

Already getting this game… Sad part is gotta wait till friday since I got it on steam :anguished: