Dragonball Xenoverse

So, just out of curiosity, who is going to be getting this game? I sure will be!

got it on release day

I will be getting it for sure!! I Just hope it’s not as bad as Dragonball Z: Battle of Z!

I sure hope not! I heard that game was very poorly done!

Hope it has all the newest characters this time. If so, its a buy from me.

Alright devs now I tried to do a dbz xenoverse hack and it told me “An error has occurred while writing back to loaded package if you see a dev the following message will help him resolve the issue: STFS: Detected an invalid hash-block entry index” I will except this to be fixed

I have the same problem, I don’t know how to fix it, it wouldn’t let me mod the clothes

im so tired of seeing these pc mods 4 dbz xenoverse when they gonna make dbz mods 4 360