Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Does unlimited items work now? Because it doesn’t for me.

Really?, I haven’t had any trouble with it though I did notice if you try and use items… so you have seven of an item and you try to use seven of an item they’ll all get used up but if you use six out of the seven items it’ll automatically reset to seven items

Everything should work now, especially since it was Just updated. Everything is working on my end.

Add RC doesn’t work for me

Is it normal that this trainer even though the unlimited health is on but i get killed and died in this game?

Would like a request for other instant spell casting for the Mystic Knight and the magic archer, cause when casting a spell with either of those, it doesn’t work. The cheat only works for mage and sorcer class. Also would like the instant spell cheat to also work on ‘GRAND SPELLS’ as well would be greatly appreciated. keep up the great work.

Some spells are not effected by Instant Spell so far i have found are spells form Magic bow and some sword skills form Mystic Knight e.g Stone Grove/ Stone Forest / Stone Jungle some Bager skills form Magick Archer and 3rd rank spells from dark Arisen. btw is it possible to add 3rd rank skills in Trainer

Does the discipline and vocation cheats affect main pawn or not? Not wanting to affect my pawn.

I’ve been experiencing an issue wherein if I launch the game through WeMod, there will be no audio. If I launch the game normally, it works just fine. I’ve tried restarting audio services while the game is running, changing audio inputs and then back, no change.

Asking because im curious, the infinite health seems to work just fine, yet im getting one shot by some attacks. Is it that if the dmg exceeds the health pool it does not work? Or is it just randomly not working sometimes?

I just started a new game, have the same thing happening to me. Getting one hit even with unlimited health on.

I think this is the case. I noticed I only experienced getting oneshot even with the infinite health trainer on in the early levels. When I got to 'round level 20 and had increased my HP/Defense, I wasn’t getting oneshot (unless I went up against like an ogre or sth).