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Dragon's Dogma GOG version

Sorry if this is a repeated question, but I did some searching and couldn’t find anything in past posts. So I’ve been waiting for Dragons Dogma to go on sale for awhile now, and GOG just dropped the price for their sale. WeMod has stuff for the Steam version of the game, but the GOG is still under requested. So does that mean the GoG version will not work with the steam cheats? Just wondering if I should wait and see if the price drops during Steams summer sale.

Sometimes, the Steam version of trainers mostly works with different versions (Epic, UPlay, and Origin). You may get lucky and most of the cheats might work or you can wait until the summer sale to be safe. If you get it from GOG, you will need to add a custom install so WeMod can recognize that it exists on your PC.


Ah ok. Thank you!