Drehzii's Multi-CoD Lobbies || Ghosts-BO1-{BO2}-AW

Hello my fellow HorizonMB members I bring to you today
My Multi-CoD Lobbies. Today I am hosting a BO2 IronWolf v2 Mod Menu
I am sponsered by:Aspect Modding, Stealth Modz, and Venom Modders
So all I ask from you is to post legit and thank the post
My lobby time
To get in comment your GT!
See you in my lobbies!

There is a Iron Wolf v3? I thought it was only v2.

EDIT: You fixed the error in the post. Good luck hosting this for people.

Ooops yeah sorry I meant v2

What does Iron wolf do? I’ve been out of the modding scene a while.

GT: RVD Xtream plz invite, thanx mate

It’s just a mod menu.

Gamertag: Waspy Ghost

Thanks so much if this really happens! That seems like a lot of time devoted to hosting lobbies.

Can you invite me GT; vDaaniel xD. Thanks a lot in advance…

When you can, send me a message to my gt when you can host for us, i might not be on now. Waited a long time but you’re prob busy.

I would really appreciate the lobby, catcha later

My GT is T0X1C RaPiDz hope you can host for me

Please don’t bump threads. The user is banned anyways. Closed.