Drehziis Multi-CoD lobbies/{Ghosts}-BO1-BO2-AW

Hello again my fellow HorizonMB members! Today I am hosting a CoD Ghosts challenge lobby using the Demon Bypass
This lobby includes:10th Prestige/lvl 60-Unlock all-Squad points-Stats
To get in post your GT
When your are in please post legit
I am now doing recoveries! If you want one HMU
My lobby time
My YouTube:XeXKaosModding
Also recall I changed times on Sat./Sun.
See you in my lobbies < 3

This guy is LEGIT!!!
He made me his Co-Host!!!

thats real amusing we need proof of this and on top of it you have been here for 8 days


Will it get us banned or suspended?

My YT is XeXKaosModding

GT: Waspy Ghost

Like I said last time, that seems like a lot of time devoted to lobbies so thank you.

depending what game?
so early in the game and very much monitored.
so yeah it will eventually.
you might be ok for a few days
if its not a reset.
then it will be a first strike 24 hour ban.
but just watch your console will be flagged.

still need proof this is you and not someone else your taking credit for.

call me paranoid so your both from canada you both signed up on the same day. are you friends or is it a multiple account hmmmmm :confused:

Invite me please I3iGGERS

You’re paranoid but appear to be correct as it looks like he made two accounts.