Dumb question

Generally speaking what is the difference between unlimited items, and unlimited resources?

Is this for a game in particular?

Sometimes, games split resources and items into separate categories.

For example, (no particular game in mind) there could be resources like wood, steel, etc. that you can’t interact with but can be picked up.

Then there could be the items that you pick up that get placed in your inventory.

It all depends on which game you’re trying to use unlimited resources/items on.


Mr Aussie provides a good description, though it would help to know which game you’re referring to specifically. :slight_smile:

Generally speaking:

  • Resources: collectible elements in the game that enable you to craft or build things, such as weapons, buildings, etc.
  • Items: collectible elements in the game that help you to perform tasks, like lockpicks for accessing locked areas and batteries for torches and so on.

It’s very game specific though, so feel free to share which game or games you are referring to. :slight_smile: