Dungeon Defenders 2?

Is it possible for a Dungeon Defenders 2 mod/trainer?

List of Cheats
Infinite Mana
Infinite Health
One Shot
Speed Increase
Jump Height

If not all, which ones would be possible?

You can request it here: https://www.wemod.com/cheats/dungeon-defenders-ii

I was unaware that Dungeon Defenders 2 ever implemented a single player mode; I believe it’s all still done on their servers and is online even if you’re playing by yourself. As such, I highly doubt there’ll be any cheats for DD2.

Thank you for the Information! Since the list to request for games is taken directly from steam multiplayer games are not automatically filtered out and have to be removed by staff. If you find any other multiplayer games please let the staff know.

@Zach Dungeon Defenders 2

So wait, I just spent 11.2k points on something that is going to be deleted? Will I receive the points I invested back?

Think it will get refunded yes.

Yes you will.

Are you guys gonna add this?

No, online modes will not get cheats and the entire game is online.

@Chris @staff-members can this thread be locked and the request taken down to prevent further confusion?

Have you even read what was said in this thread?