Dupe assistance borderlands 2 xbox 360

Hey folksjust wondering if anyone would be willing to part with some duped guns. I got the game kinda late like 2 months ago and beat it w each character. Now im bored and wanna play around. I tried modding myself and um lets say total fail lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gt twiztedsinz

For what game are you trying to get duplicate guns?

Sorry borderlands 2 xbox 360

Ok. If you could, please change your title header to include Borderlands 2 in the title. You can do that by editing your post, and then there will be something on your screen that says advanced editing, you will be able to edit your title that way.

On topic though, while I wish I could help you out with duplicate weapons, I do not have Borderlands 2 anymore.

Thank you very much for the info. I got it do late its a shame

There i think i did it right

Yup, you sure did. I also want to say welcome to Horizon! If you have any questions regarding the Horizon Website, or the Horizon Program and any of its tools, do not hesitate to ask anybody on here as they will be able to assist you in many ways. And pay attention to my threads, as I will try and post up to date news on popular games like Halo, Call of Duty, Destiny, and even GTA. (I try to get ahead of the news bot, and a lot of times, I do succeed!)

Sweet thanks so much

Not a problem.