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Duplicating an offline profile

Hey guys,

this may seem like a totally bizarre question but here goes…

I have an offline profile that has couple of thousand gamerscore on it, ALL offline achievements and ALL on single player , offline games. Some achievements I earned myself, some I modded :stuck_out_tongue:

My question is, I want to sign this offline profile up for xbox live, which I know runs a risk of it getting banned at some point or another.

SO, is it possible to duplicate this profile with say a different profile and device ID (Or whatever needs to be changed for xbox live to think it is a different profile) etc so that if it gets banned I can simply duplicate it again (therefore bi-passing the risk of a ban) and sign the duplicate up for xbox live as an entirely new profile whilst retaining all my old achievements.


sounds long winded and a little ridiculous but I have a massive OCD thing about completionism and just wanted to see if there was a way to duplicate a profile as a back up against being banned.

If so how would I change the ID and ensure that ID is authentic?

Thanks in advance!

I will see in the future since I’m visiting a house for a week and I lost my usb with horizon on it.

I highly doubt that you would get banned they have no proof since you just joined because you might have got all those achievements legit they have no proof you cheated.
How ever if you plan to mod the Gamerscore in the future do a tiny bit at a time so Microsoft won’t suspect it.

you could just copy the profile file as a backup. Then go “online” with one of them, and if you would get banned just replace the two.

Once a Profile is banned, then that’s it! It’s the Profile ID that gets banned and changing the ID will probably make it corrupt. (Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)

You will be better off just having two profiles, one for Online use and the other for Offline use.

Ok so assuming that the profile ID cannot be changed as a way to bypass this, is there a way to replicate a profile’s achievements (the ones unlocked and the order they are in) so that I could just replicate the profile that way?

There must be a file that stores that information that could be used as a template or something like that right?

Just create a new profile and use the Achievement Unlocker in Horizon. If there are unlocked offline, it’s irrelevant what order they are in as they are not marked with a Time Stamp.

Well it is kinda relevant, seeing as if you have achievements unlocked in the wrong order it basically shouts out that you’re modding…

I am trying to highlight that if your Unlocking Acheivments offline then it’s not relevant because there is no way of seeing what order they were unlocked in. But of course you need to make sure you have a Level 1 Acheivement unlocked along with a Level 2 Acheivement.

I know it’s an old thread, but I find this question interesting, since I have A LOT of achievements to unlock and I don’t want to unlock them several times for different accounts. Is there a way to duplicate the unlocked achievements? O a way to batch unlockan specific set of achievements (not ALL, which I know Horizon can do).
Thank you.

Anyone with any idea on how to copy the achievements to different profiles??