Durango Arrives on Ebay

With the past few weeks of random Durango Alpha Tower image leaks, user DaE continues to push Microsofts buttons. Earlier tonight, August 12th 2012, a Durango was posted on Ebay by user SuperDaE for $1.00. We caught up with user DaE for a second and asked if he had anything he would like to add to the story, he said "All proceeds go to charity. And by charity, I mean my new car."The item was listed with a few items, which include:

  • Controller
  • Power Supply

Below you can find the link, which is expected to be pulled down somewhat soon by Ebay or Microsoft, and a picture of the post.Durango Ebay Listing

[size=9]Source: thetechgame.com[/size]

Hm. Fake and gay but ebay and Paypal protect me. I am bidding.

If I had money I’d bid.

I can’t wait to see how much the bidding gets up to xD

Well, ****.

I honestly don’t see any point in buying this or even bidding for it; at all. The “Durango” dev kit isn’t even worth using at the moment. What are you going to do with it, once you do buy it? Construct your own games with your coding skills and have an upper elite team that is superb with graphics to create a game? I’m assuming that’s a no. I’d laugh at the person who buys this. Another thing I’d like to mention is what happens if it’s fake? You’re pretty much just received a ripping hole in your glory hole. Any who…carry on.

I am bidding for fun. Paypal protects me from fake products. As well as Ebay Buyer Protection.
I would never actually spend money on this though, I know it’s fake.

I’d bid but I’d hate to be the sucker that get’s stuck with it in the end, Just for lulz.

it’s already passed $400 :laughing:

Even if it was real people will just fake bid to ridiculous prices.

damn, already at $5,100…that is not worth it if you ask me

people are actually bidding for it :o

at this point i bet people are just bidding a lot to make the people who really want it mad lol

Ok so lets go with it being legit and someone wins it…What are they going to do with it?

let it sit somewhere for looks :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be removed before it sells. It isn’t allowed on flebay.

Also anyone that bids is just… He doesn’t even have a picture of the thing itself.

It’s up to 5.1k…

If it is legit i can see Microsoft bidding, Lets face it no ones going to beat Microsoft in a bidding battle

they will probably bet like 1 mill :laughing: