Dying Light 2 Stay Human Cheats and Trainer for Steam

if it’s a cracked version it won’t work

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that’s a thing?

Hi there,
Would you be able to make an option for DL2 that can signal a player to have finished the main story so that I can use a new FRESH non-developed character to start a NG+.


Could you make a option to remove all the stats from the players like all XP/skills/points etc back to 0, so that he is basically a brand new character, and that way I can use someone elses SAVE game without having the character developed. I just want to play a NG+ game with a totally undeveloped/un-upgraded character to start fresh with in NG+ scenario. Thanks.

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hope they bring out another Duping option that would be neat!

@FLiNG is it possible to get options to change xp and the currencies used for haper and shen xiu? it would be awesome to have some trainers for that if its possible but if not thats cool too! thanks for all you do btw lol

i got a really annoying bug for whenever i die, it takes like 2 minutes before i can respawn while im stuck on a black screen, also happens whenever i sleep or fast travel. any fixes?

I using this trainer for DL2 v1.14.0 Steam Crack, but it does not work. I turn on 1 cheat and it auto off right after that, does anyone have the same issue ? Or the trainer is not ready for v1.14.0?

WeMod does not condone piracy and we cannot assist you with any issues that arise while using a cracked copy.


found a groundbreaking bug in combat with the unlimited health during beginning tutorial so far when learning the perfect parry, the renegade will attack but no matter how quick you block it won’t count as a perfect parry till you deactivate unlimited health. Can now confirm with unlimited health active perfect parry seems to be unable to be executed.

any chance for a stealth mode or invisibility cheat

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game has been update it today

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The new update came out and would really appreciate an update specifically an infinite ammo mod.


Hi devs,
The game has launched the update including new weapon type: guns, we will need the new mods for the guns like infinite ammo etc.
Thank you in advance.


For some reason when u use the frozen temp for some runs even when it does give u the medal dosent count anymore for achivements…its quite sad since some runs, espacialy nightrunners tests needs a little bit more time to get the gold medal since they are trully difficult.
Theres anyway to resolve this or i should do it like crazy the runs until i get the gold without the temp frozen ?

can you please add a cheat for max rep with the agents? or something like “ignore reputation requirements”? it would be great because grinding Jai the Watcher rep is super boring and i just want to use the new guns, i think this would be great for many people


could we get some things like

• Invisible Player
• Unlimited Bow/Gun Ammo
• Unlimited Lockpicks
• Unlimited Use Consumables
• Unlimited Throwables

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Could also include something with defending the generator for the new Jai Survivor/Elite Missions since the one hit kill cheat also effects the generator’s health which can be really tedious to deal with.

Hell yeah, I made a mod request of these exact things, the ones I wanted were in conjunction with the new update, like infinite ammo and arrows. Thank you for understanding Devs.

Please Devs, this would actually be very helpful for many of us. Thank you for understanding.

The Dying Light 2 Stay Human cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Ammo cheat added
  • No Reload cheat added
  • Super Accuracy cheat added
  • No Recoil cheat added