Dying Light Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Still, unlimited health. Should do it for you :wink:

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yeah, the only issue is most of the places u try to teleport, itll actually teleport u elsewhere because ur too high up, when falling. so its not working correctly at every place.

if you try to use flares with unlimited durability, the flares don’t glow
only when u disable unlimited durability will they glow

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ummh, I’ll look into that side effect @PhantomTheReaper nice catch

Infinity doesn’t work anymore for dying light
whenever I try to activate a cheat nothing happens

Use this: - ICDV2.bat -

Close infinity - clear the cache by using that tool - launch infinity

let me know @PhantomTheReaper

infinite fuel and weapons/looting in safe zone don’t work

it’s a execute sound instead of toggle

@PhantomTheReaper Going to fix them, what about the rest? did you test all the cheats?

@PhantomTheReaper fixed! :stuck_out_tongue:


has the teleport been fixed so it works everywhere? before it was used too high so it didnt work properly everywhere, instead redirecting the teleport elsewhere.

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@Kalfax still working on it

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the flares don’t work in multiplayer even if u disable everything

Infinity is not supposed to work in multiplayer. Don’t have Infinity attached to the game while starting multiplayer it might get you banned

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thank u for the tip

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could you add a bigger back pack space to the trainer so that you can hold 35 in staid of 14 if you can that would be awesome but if you can that is all right

@Toxic-Killua I will work on it in a few days :slight_smile:

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ok thank you so much

cant what for it

Hey @Toxic-Killua, I’m studying for a few exams, that’s the first thing I will do when i’ll be back!