Dying Light Dupe Shop! [OPEN]

I have a lot of items people can’t find easily such as 2578 power sword and other items.If anyone wants anything duped to them post your gt here or PM it to me and I’ll invite you and get you your requested items!

Items I have that are rare:

  • Premium Katana w/ 2578 Power
  • King Weapon Upgrade
  • GOLD Excalibur Sword
  • Disaster Relief Packages

Items I have that are moderately/easy found:

  • Bolter Tissue
  • TONS of Medkits
  • Any of the other weapon upgrades

I will be doing this until roughly 5pm EST today

How did you get a gold Excalibur sword, and would you mind if I hop in and get it real quick? Guardian Azrael

You can find that on an island takes 3min total to pull it from the dead body and after that let the body burn up and you get the blueprint where the body burned up at

Yeah I already had the Excalibur, I just didn’t realize it was golden.

Ya think he ment as gold as in rare orange or whatever lol

Man i wish I would have seen this earlier, wouldn’t mind that sword.

I wasn’t able to open up any multiplayer games and join my friends today anyway for some odd reason.

I need a putrescent liver for the Dahlia quest if you can. Can’t find any anywhere! I could use some King Upgrades as well if you’re willing to be so kind! Gamertag is Blind Hatred. Might be playing Minecraft with my brothers for awhile longer so if you want you can wait to help me last, wouldn’t bother me any!

I can help both of you when I get home 8:30ish EST

This still going on later today?

Yes sir, just pm me your gt!

Hey thanks again for getting me all the items I needed! :smiley: Still can’t believe how easy it is to dupe in this game lol

Just wanted to thank you for your help with this and using air strike markers is too much fun :smiley: