Dying light Epic Games Ban?

I read that when using cheats the player can be VAC banned? It seems to me that this ban is only for Steam or am I wrong? I’m playing the EPIC version and I wouldn’t want to be banned.

You will be banned for using cheats in games, not just this one, if you attempt to use them in online game modes, such as PVP deathmatches and co-op.

Stick to single-player and you’ll be fine.

These days developers prefer shadow banning people as opposed to outright banning them. Shadow bans means you won’t know you’re banned and can still play the game, but are restricted to playing in dedicated servers with other shadow banned players, so that you don’t annoy the other paying, rule-abiding players. They do this so you can still potentially spend money on the game even though you’re technically banned.

But as long as you do not attempt to cheat in multiplayer game modes then you’ll be fine.

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