Dying Light Trainer causes the disable of the explosions from the Gas Tank Zombies

So I love Infinity and I play my games much often because of them, but in the Game Dying Light is (by me) the bug or glitch how ever that the shooting at the tank of the Gas Suit zombies (hope you all know which Zombie I mean) does not causing any explosions. It is not the biggest issue I could imagine, but in my opinion something anoying.
Pls fix.

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They have trainers that need updating, you can’t really expect them to investigate minor annoyances.

I just figgered out zhat this bug only happens by the cheat “unlimited durability”

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ok, but this is a problem since i get Infinity so over 2 years

There are always cheats that are broken. A small bug that is likely caused by something unfixable is not worth spending time on.

And that has bin broken for quit a while now