App Horizon

Dying light


its hard to find people to play with, and i really love this game, so i often go on it and try to find people to play with, but it usually ends with me finding maybe a game, getting kicked, for whatever reason, and then maybe i find one more, play for a while and then they leave, and i end up having no new games to play. or some times i go into both the following and campaign and find no games.
would be nice to have someone from here to play with :stuck_out_tongue: ive completed the story about 5 times, so i can see it if other people has gotten bored of the game, but i love just messing about, and even repeating the story. not sure why i like this game so much, but i do.

EDIT: let me know if youre interested in playing this game sometime. add me on steam.


I´m planning to buy it soon, lost the chance to get it in winter sales.


awesome, I look forward to playing it with you :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m Juillani in the infinity forums, Father of Foolishness on steam, accept my friend request and I’ll get back to you, 1


You can add my steam: prodigyxjoker





gotcha, added.


hit me up on steam SuffernHunter
I been looking for people to play with


Darn it… I have the game but on GoG.