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Dynamic Height Mod - 256 to 2048 Block High Worlds

Download Link - Dynamic Height Mod

Installation for Windows

[details= Installation for Windows]Download the provided file.
Extract the ZIP you downloaded.
Open up minecraft.jar with winrar or other capable archivers.
Drag all the .class files into your minecraft.jar.
Delete the META-INF folder.[/details]

Installation for Mac

Installation for Mac

Saw this when looking at the new YouTube on Xbox.

Pretty interesting.

you can only go up to 256, if you go higher it crashes.

That’s just your computer bro.

I wanna see if I can do 2048. then make a little pool at bed rock and just a massive diving board.

This is a virus? The google chrome says that it may be a virus.
What im gonna do?

Google says that about a lot of mods, especially those downloaded from file host services like Mediafire. It’s just a false positive.

Go into Chrome’s settings.
Locate the Security options tab.
Turn off Safe Browsing.
Download the mod.
Turn Safe Browsing back on again for security reasons.