EA desktop app

Is there any way to get WeMod to work with EA desktop app (new Origin)?

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Doesn’t WeMod work with Origin games?

Yes it works with Origin but it doesn’t work wit EA app.
Is there any way to get it to work with EA app or do I need to install Origin?

You either need to install origin or manually select the games’ exe.

Thanks, now I know you can add exe link :grinning:

as origin is retired, is wemod gonna update to new EA desktop launcher?

Origin is not officially retired yet. They said it will be soon at which point we will update WeMod for the EA app.

ok, hopefully its soon, won’t let me reinstall origin on my system any longer

even old origin install files when updating replace origin with EA Desktop now

You don’t need to reinstall Origin, you just need to manually select the game’s exe until WeMod is updated for the new launcher.