EA Sports delays NBA Live 15 by three weeks

[/img]In an effort to polish the game further, EA Sports has delayed the launch of NBA Live 15 by several weeks. The game will now launch on October 28 instead of October 7, the same day as its competitor, NBA 2K15. Word of the delay comes via an open letter from Executive Producer Sean O’Brien on the publisher’s site.

“We think we’ve come a long way since the launches of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 last November, and we’re still working on tuning certain areas in 5-on-5 gameplay,” O’Brien said. EA Sports will start discussing the game’s updates with more frequency in the coming weeks through its new gameplay blog, as well. O’Brien’s made a habit of drafting open letters for the public; in November, he admitted that the developer has “a lot of work to do” following the launch of NBA Live 14, and then stated the team has “a lot to prove” in June. NBA Live 15 is in development for Xbox One and PS4.

EA has a bit of a history with delaying, then eventually canceling games in the series, as both NBA Live 13 and NBA Elite 11 were canceled in September 2012 and November 2010, respectively.

Source: TheTechGame.com