Ear gauges :D

haha just wanna see if anyone here has gauges and what size your at and how long it took u
im at 1/2inch and took my 2and a half months


lol whoever that is that must hert his ears :worried:

why would you want a giant hole in your ear?

I like to keep my face properly aligned, no holes in it or nothing.
It’s the difference between getting a job, and being told to go **** yourself.
(Even if people should not judge by looks, they will for jobs/when you work in public.)

Although, my girlfriend has some but they’re tiny.

im not even close to that big i can still my pinky in my war thats all haha

IMO That has to be the most stupid thing ever.

obviously. look how sad he is!

I feel sorry for little kids when they walk past him

When you’re at a small ass stage, it’s decent. You barely notice it, or see it.
Although, you smell it when you take it out… and it’s horrible.

Going bigger I find is just useless. It’s like tattoos on your face and everywhere. Who’s going to higher you when you’re older, or if you’re already in your teen/adult phase and have that?
I’m going to bet very little employers would want that working. O_o

If you can hide it with your hair, then that’s not an issue.

i want those^

That looks cool but it will mess your ear up.

true but i buy stone plugs they dont smell at all i even so i clean mine 2 times a day in the moring and at night

I’m at a 0 gauge right now. I’m going to 00g and then waiting a bit then in a year or so I’ll go to half inch. By the way, if you went to half inch in 2 and a half months, I you don’t plan on having your ears going back anywhere near normal, you stretched way to fast, and they are probably thin as ****.

dude. ew

“Hey Grandpa, what are those big holes in your ears?”

“Oh, it was back in 2011 when I was young, I got these dumb looking things called gauges, and I forgot to remember that they make permanent damage.”

“I want some when I am older!”

Get example you will be setting.

This disgusts me. I’m sorry but I don’t know how you can walk around thinking you look cool with giant holes in your ears.

I have both my ears at 26mm (just over one inch for you americans)
im bringing them up too 30mm (no idea what that is)
I have two lip rings and im getting sleeves when I move :smile:
pm me if you want pics , last time i posted a pic i got hated on :laughing: