Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

Someone needs to do a proper set of hacks for the current steam version of this game. This game is really strange in both memory and save data. No proper save editor was ever created for PC or console versions. Cheat Engine couldn’t actually find the XP counter during missions or current on 1 class for some reason.

Unlock All weapons
Max XP all classes
Force class and weapon change (Pesticle) in Survival Mode (Normally Trooper only)
Infinite Energy (Jet class)
Infinite HP
Infinite Ammo (Pesticle weapons normally take a while to reload)

I second this suggestion 100%. I really wanted a save editor for the Xbox 360 version of the game but no-one ever made anything for it. As you say the game is strange in both memory and save data which could by why no-one gave a ■■■■ or could not be bothered to make anything for the Xbox 360 version. Seeing something for the Steam version would be class.

Cheats I would like to have for all classes
Speed up of some sort for character movement
No reload
Infinite ammo
All weapons
Max XP
Infinite ammo
1 hit kills
Add Kills for Kill related achievements(say you could add 500 ants killed)

Survival Mode cheats
Infinite Health
1 hit Kills
Possibly having upgraded guns?

This is what i can think of at the moment plus what the original post said in terms of cheats.

I played it before and now its on steam and realy want to boost this so i can play this again with cheats.
Does anybody know how to boost this?