Easier Way to Check if Your Console Has Been Flagged

This is the method I use to see if I’m going to get banned.

Apparently, the ban check program and the method under this one was voided after the new update. This is the most recent way to see if you have been flagged or not.


  1. Go to Xbox.com and register for a console repair.

[b]- If it gives you an error after you enter the console serial then your Xbox has been flagged.

  • If you get through and the next screen, and it shows without an error, then you have not been flagged[/b].


  1. Remove your HDD or Memory Stick then turn on your Xbox 360

  2. When you get to the home screen there will be no profiles found. That’s because you removed your HDD/Memory Card which contained all your profiles.

  3. Now go to System Setting, Network Settings.

  4. Click Test Xbox Live Connection

  5. Start the test, and then wait for it to finish.

  6. When it is done you should get a message saying to update your system. Here is another important thing you need to do, Do Not Update, just click No, don’t update.

  7. You should then get a message saying that Connection Test has failed. Just click cancel.

  8. After that click Y and you should get a list of numbers or codes.
    Check your code under the letter Z
    It should say Z: (Code)
    Here are the codes to determine if your console has been banned:
    Z: 8015 - 1002 means you have not been flagged yet, but still be cautious when playing online.
    Z: 8015 - 190D means that your console has been flagged or banned.

Lol im good i already checked using Teks tut

No need to get your Console ID for this one.:thumbsup:

well i used the program and it says im going to get banned sad face lol but i will try this now

Edit Ok so i just done it and it gave me the 8015 - 1002 code so either this way or the program is wrong lol

Do they flag you if they are going to reset your gamerscore?

Thanks for this!
I’m going to tell my friend now, he’s a bit concerned…

i thought everyone knew about this.

mine is just all 0 ?

is this true?

lol how you find this out?

ok so i got a code 8015 - 1007 what does this mean? thx:help:


we need people who have been playing black osp early and people with LT to check if theyve been flagged…

Pretty sure this has been posted before… But thanks. :smiley:

haha if I get banned, I get banned.

I’m pretty sure this does work.

i already checked but thanks anyway

Very, very useful Thread. Worked for me, I am not banned or flagged.

How did you find out about this?


got this Z: 8015 - 1002 so i shouled be ok thanks

Apperently i have been flag

Z: 8007 - 045D? Am I okay to go Online? Or what?