Easy Anti Cheat

I’m not sure if this has been asked but is this detectable by easy anti cheat? i have looked around for answers but the only thing i have found is the fact that easy anti cheat monitors your pc. Based off that i would assume so.

@BloodTastic17 Welcome to Wemod. Are you asking if Wemod is detected by easy anti cheat or if a specific trainer would be? It does depend on the game, there are some games primarily with multiplayer you can not disable easy anti cheat and some games you can disable easy anti cheat with a specific command. What specific game were you looking into?

@MichaelSteven Outriders for instance… There is a mod for it and they have EAC. The game is multiplayer. So yea it is detected unless turned off pretty much.

@BloodTastic17 Correct that specific trainer is being updated but there is a warning that your account will be labeled as a cheater and you will be put into lobbies with other cheaters. You essentially do have to launch the game by using the play button or the cheats will not work. To answer your question there is no real way to disable eac for outriders.

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@MichaelSteven Thank you!

@BloodTastic17 you are welcome if you need anything else feel free to post in the forum.