Easy Credits On Halo: Reach

Here is an EASY Way to get credits for Halo: Reach

Search for an Online Matchmaking Game in Firefight

  1. Ok, Obviously Try and get the most Kills

  2. The game goes for 15 Minutes which is enough time to rack up some serious Headshots

  3. Headshots give 5 Credits per Headshot so AIM FOR THE HEAD

  4. Multikills+Headshots=Major Credits

  5. So get headshots for your multikills as well

  6. Killionairs get you ALOT Of credits so grab the rockets and find a group of enemies, (You know what comes next :wink: )

another way
Can Someone PLEASE Embed?

or choose the Gruntpocolypse when choosing which gametype to play on. thats easier for headshots :wink:

thats not really boosting. its a strategy. boosting is using a flaw or an exploit to get higher without actually modifying anything.

Already posted this below with all the boosting ways. But doesn’t matter :smile:

Gruntpocolypse 10 mins, 1.5k :wink: I like that better.

I GoTo FireFight;Score Attack;Gruntapocolypse.Lots Of Points No Difficulty Besides Those Fuel Rod Guns.

Imma have to try this out :smile:.

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or or heres an idea you can just change the game options and play it on legendary change the m to invulnerable health and unlimited ammo it dont work for the ordnance airstriske thing tho

Yeah but matchmaking gives more cR

Gruntpaco gives more exp than matchmaking,

gruntpoco is matchmaking, except no one is stealing your kills. 15,000 credits in 10 minutes. Its a Win/Win

Does the Halo Reach : Credit mod tool reset your credits?

that is kinda obvious

I use a different method but I guess i’ll try this out.

This Method is Kinda good but I do better in normal matchmaking, but that’s just me.


If you want to get some fast and free cRs in Campaign then check out my video.

YouTube - Winter Contingency cR Farm!!!

1.5k is 1,500

use the insert media option (looks like an ipod)with the youtube url inside to embed it